Sunday, October 01, 2006

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Edited to add: This is getting a lot of hits right now in people's search for Goodview Gallop Running results. I understand. I will post a link to the 2007 results on my other blog Winona Running and help you find the 2006 Results.

So enough on parenting. Back to my latest, and oldest obsession: running.

I looked and looked online for the results of the Miller Lite/Milwaukee Public Museum Dinosaur Dash from 2001 & 2002. However, since the race is now defunct, so is access to the results. However, I eventually remembered I did have a print-out of my 2001 time. Yeah! It sort of reminds me of those times I told middle schoolers "Believe me, you may think Internet research is faster, but you'd be surprised..."

Turns out my time was 23:39.6 in 2001 dash. I think my time was slightly, although not much, faster in 2002. It was a USATF certified course, which makes me think my 22:38 5K in Waukegan was both 1) not a one-time fluke and 2) legit. I'd been thinking that because 23:40 was the fastest time I ran as part of my college's cross-country team, the Waukegan 5k must've been off. I was being trained by a coach, after all. I guess I wasn't training as hard as I should've been. (I wasn't that into running long distances at the time.)

Now it makes my 27:26.0 in the Goodview Gallop seem really slow. I would love to find another 5k to run this fall so I can see if longer runs have improved my time. I looked at Runner's World, Running in the USA, and other sites. Any suggestions?


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