Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why it's not right that search engines save your search terms...

This weekend, I opened up my local paper, to discover an AP story about the disgraced senator from Florida, Foley, and his contact with 16-year old pages. It was illustrated with a picture of former president Clinton.

While I am by no means Clinton's biggest supporter, (I voted third-party rather than for him or Dole) I considered writing a letter-to-the-editor about how inappropriate it was to compare Clinton's issues with Foley's. After all, Lewinsky was old enough to consent. Except, what is Florida's age of consent? I don't know... and I'm too afraid to do a Google search, since that information will then be stored in Google's database, making me look like a creepy person who is looking to justify some unseemly actions, rather than a concerned, but happily married citizen.

I guess I should start looking into the Dutch search engine mentioned on NPR that refuses to store such info... If only I can find the NPR article...


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