Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing 3:RSS

I love RSS-- it's one of the tools I took away from Internet Librarian and started using right away. I've had a "My Yahoo" account for about 2 years, and have been stubbornly holding on to it, despite the hint from colleagues that it was past its prime.

To monitor the 23 Things bloggers in the SELS region, I started using Bloglines and I'm starting to see why everyone else I know has been choosing Bloglines over other options. My Yahoo has been upgrading both to offer the same features as Bloglines and to match their Yahoo 360 product, and honestly, I'm starting to find these upgrades to be annoyances rather that useful-- I think part of the My Yahoo charm for me was that it was an older interface. I plan to investigate some other aggregators later-- I'd like to see some of the ones Firefox has as add-ons and Google Reader, but I am going to resist change here and not rearrange all my feeds until after the 23 Project has been completed.


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