Monday, April 07, 2008

Thing 7

E-mail is one of the key tools in use in our organization. We work with libraries in 11 counties, so e-mail makes a convenient way for us all to keep in touch. I know sometimes the sheer quantity of e-mails can be overwhelming in an effort to keep everyone informed. Sometimes e-mail can also be misread or misinterpreted to cause more harm than good-- but so it goes.

I love the idea of alternative forms of reference-- especially as a user. I would love to be able to connect to my public library from my laptop or with a text message whenever I felt like it.

And, yes, I do use IM. Too much for my husband's taste, in fact, but it is a mode of communication that I enjoy using. It's value was most aptly demonstrated when it allowed me to stay connected through the first year of being a new mom-- when you feel like you can't make any solid plans for socializing, because you aren't ever sure what your life is going to contain next.

I've also attended Webinars-- one from Minitex on their databases, some other professional development Webinars, and various training Webinars offered by our vendors. They can be useful, if taken correctly. When I take Webinars, I need to remember to give them the same concentration that I would during a person-to-person training session.


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