Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing4: Flickr

Huh. I've been using Flickr since the birth of my daughter 2 years ago. We have friends and relatives from all over the country that like to see what she's up to, at their convenience, and Flickr is a much better tool for that then sending e-mail to all of the people on our distribution lists-- especially when you take into account that those e-mail addresses can change. I thought I was pretty familiar with Flickr until it came to this assignment-- when I realized Flickr had made some changes.

I follow several professional photographers' photostreams as they take pictures of their own children and post them. Several of them have complained about the way that people were stealing their photos from Flickr-- some going so far as to delete their accounts in entirety. Completing this assignment, I was surprised to see that the Blog This feature does appear to be turned off for all photos that have all rights reserved-- but it did appear when I was looked under the Creative Commons photos. Flickr must've instituted that as a way of dealing with the complaints.

Either way, I found a Creative Commons photo that ACPL posted of a therapy dog.


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