Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 13

I've been using MyYahoo for a couple of years, but it is starting to show its age. I tried iGoogle and it seems to have some potential, but I'm not totally sold yet. I was greatly amused at how much higher quality the content on the "technology" page seems to have over the "art" page.

I've tried Google calendars before. If I had sole choice, this would be the take away tool I'd use. I can't ever seem to get our family organized, figuring out who is going where on what day. I like that I can export Outlook to Google (although it has got its flaws) and I wish we used it more at home, but I can't get us away from the paper calendar in the kitchen. I think the same might be true of the to-do list. They seem easier to use than sharing a task in Outlook, but their true use probably lies in getting someone else to play with you.

Backpack looked like it had potential, but would require some start up time and you wouldn't know if it was worth it until you had a couple of weeks into it.


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